Beth Collis

Photo - Beth Collis

I am an Ohio Licensure defense attorney and in my practice I exclusively represent professionals before the State Medical Board in Ohio, Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, Ohio Board of Nursing and other state licensing Boards.

I regularly represent physicians who are applying for a Ohio medical license, or are under investigation by the State Medical Board of Ohio.  As a former Ohio Assistant Attorney General, I have experience in both prosecuting and defending doctors before the State Medical Board of Ohio. I have created this blog to answer common (and not so common) questions that I am routinely asked in my practice.


2 thoughts on “Beth Collis

  1. im applying for medical license board, i have a misdemeanor charges about 7 years ago that was sealed. What does ohio law states about reporting this event to board if the case was sealed.

    • Even if a criminal case has been sealed you are still required to disclose the conviction on your application for an Ohio medical license. You should then provide a short summary explanation of what took place and the fact that it was sealed. As the conviction was sealed, you will not have access to any of the Court records, so don’t worry about having to submit records to the Medical Board.

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